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Main Centre
3 Lions Road
Dutton, Ontario
N0L 1J0
(519) 762-2399

School Age Program

I feel that my son has reaped the benefits of being involved with the Dutton Child Care Centre on so many levels! He gets many opportunities to interact with other children including playing games, reading stories, going on field trips, playing outdoors etc. He will be much better prepared for elementary school because of this exposure. His teachers have taught him so much so that he's wise beyond his years! At the age of almost four he has an excellent handle on communicating effectively, sharing, working together and so much more! 
What I value the most about the Dutton Child Care Centre is the support of the staff! Whenever I have expressed any concerns or have unanswered questions there is always someone willing to listen and willing to help! 

I would recommend to anyone with young children seeking childcare that the Dutton cooperative daycare is top notch and certainly a choice to be considered! 

Sincerely yours, 
Jillian Murdy 
(Son in the Preschool Program)

The Dutton Child Care Centre has exceeded my expectations in providing a healthy and motivating environment for my child. The meals are exceptional, particularly for health conscious parents. Their team of caring and devoted educators work hard to ensure that my interacts well with those around him and has the foundation skills and knowledge that he need to succeed in his learning.

Elizabeth Dobie
(Son in the Kindergarten Program)

My 2 sons have been attending Dutton Child Care since they were a year old. Myself I am a Register Early Childhood Educator working in the field. When I started out looking for child care I was looking for a place with qualified staff that enjoy spending time with children. We found that at the Dutton Child Care Centre which is a home away from home for them. When they are here I know they are eating nutritious meals that are prepared with children in mind, they are learning while having fun and making friendships that will last throughout the years. I recommend the Dutton Child Centre as it has met my families expectations and more.

Cindy daCosta
(Son in the Preschool Program & Son in the Kindergarten Program)

Abi has benefitted during school holidays when she attends the camps as it helps keep her brain and body active. Abi gets to see all her friends and have fun. It helps prevent that holiday boredom.Bella has benefitted as she has learnt to communicate and interact with other children whilst having fun and routine. We love that is makes our children happy to be a part of the group, the friendly staff, the safe environment, the daily activities, the meals that are provided are well thought out. We love that it is local to us, the flexibility of schedules and we could not imagine sending our children elsewhere and you know there will be another little Hancox joining soon!We enrolled Abi as we wanted to get her interacting with other children and into a routine that would make the progression to school easier for us all.

Helen & Simon Hancox
(Daughters in the Preschool & School Age Program)

Due to the daily lessons/education June is receive at Dutton Child Care Centre above and beyond daily care. June’s vocabulary, recognition of shapes, letters, words and colours grows in leaps and bounds. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly she is learning, thanks to your programs. Her social skills and sunny disposition are largely indebted to her time in your facility. She looks forward each day to seeing her friends and teachers. June is a keen learner and the girls are always inventing new challenges to encourage her beyond her 2 years. I feel that each child is catered to as an individual.

I love that my child is loved. Since June’s first day in the infant room over a year ago, I have never had a worry, fear or doubt about her well being at the centre. The people and programs are second to none.

Carrie Ross
(Daughter in the Toddler Program)

Each staff member goes beyond their job’s role to ensure your child is happy and progressing, which has included toilet training! They take time each day to speak to EVERY parent whose child is in their room to let them know how the day went and how your child did in general and with certain tasks.

Melissa McDonald
(Daughter in the Toddler Program)

When Victoria started child care she was very reserved and we feel that since going to daycare she is becoming more outgoing. This was one of the main reasons we wanted Victoria in a licensed child care facility. I feel that for children to be successful they must learn to interact with other children in a healthy, positive, and productive manner; Dutton Child Care Centre has assisted in teaching Victoria these skills. I love that Victoria feels comfortable at the centre and has good relationships with the staff.

Victoria Farrell
(Daughter in the Toddler Program)

Dutton Child Care Centre has provided safe, fun, and educational experiences for my daughter. After being a school all day, going to the afterschool program is something she really looks forward to. Snacks are included in my fees and on PA Days they even get hot meals. They are always doing the coolest science experiments and have super fun theme days.
Christine Trybel
(Daughter in the Before and After School Program)