What is E-Gaming?

Dutton Co-Operative Child Care Centre has been an active, charitable organization with the OCGA, Jackpot City in St. Thomas since 2013. Since that time, Dutton Child Care has had a participation permit issued by their municipality to receive funds from the e-gaming events. The usage of these funds must fall within the guidelines set out on the permit application.

Dutton Child Care can us the proceeds to pay property taxes, playground inspections, insurance, field trips, equipment and maintenance. The benefits from the event proceeds help keep the child care fees affordable and help off-set operating expenses.

Thank you to the OCGA, CGCA and Jackpot City in St. Thomas for all the years of financial support. Thank you to the community for supporting the e-gaming events hosted at Jackpot City. We appreciate everything you do to support the surrounding communities.

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