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Early learning strategies

Program Statement

We build environments and activities that support active play, rest and quiet time geared to each individual’s child’s needs and interests. Children choose the activities and areas that they want to participate in during their indoor play and two-hour outdoor playtime.

Before and/or after school programs will have at least 30 minutes of outdoor time each day weather permitting.

Child Care Benefits

Our Parent - Teacher communication

Each child has their own documentation portfolio that is shared with other children, families, and educators inspiring each child with a sense of accomplishment and belonging.  A daily report is sent home with each family to share the child’s experiences.  Educators communicate daily with families about developmental accomplishments and interests.  Classroom news and events are provided monthly to each family.

Build Positive Relationships

Educators use a warm, responsive and inclusive approach, building positive relationships with children, families, other educators and community partners.  Educators participate as co-learners with families and children; learning with children about children, and from children by listening, playing and talking with them.  Educators provide a safe environment through supervision and inspections therefore reducing hazards that may cause injuries.

Continuing Education

All educators, administrators and the Board of Directors seek and engage in continuous professional learning opportunities.  It is our goal to provide quality child care programs to the families in the community.

Parent Tours

The Dutton Child Care Centre recognizes that families are the experts on their children and they are the first teachers.  New families are welcomed by providing information about the centre and the programs through an individual parent tour. 

Play based learning

Children will explore environments through play that will encourage:

Child Care Centre:2

Happy Children and Happy Parents

Providing quality licensed child care since 1977. Programs available for children 3 months to 12 years including Before and After school care, PD Days, Winter Break Camp, March Break Camp and Summer Camp.

Parent Communication

The educators communicate with families to share individual characteristics, knowledge and support. They incorporate this information to reflect a cultural and diverse program that is unique to our community.

Dutton Child Care Centre promotes the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of the children through nutritious meals and snacks that meet the CCEYA and follow Canada’s Food Guide.  Meals and snacks are planned and prepared by a Certified Food Handler and reviewed by a Registered Dietician every 3 years.  Children have access to drinking water throughout the day. Educators eat with the children during meal times and encourage tasting, self-serving and group discussion.